Georgia Krebs Studio
Featuring Representational Figurative Paintings. Landscapes and Sculptures from my studio in Penticton BC.. Georgia is represented by Picture This Gallery in Penticton.

My Journey

(posted on 1 Jul 2016)

How exciting is this! These paintings are now available on scarves and tops @

Please check out my page and let me know what you think.

(posted on 21 Mar 2016)

On March 1st I received some very exciting news......I was voted into the Okanagan Art Gallery at 8302 Main Street, Osoyoos BC. The gallery is a cooperative with 25 artist members and is open Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm.

(posted on 18 Feb 2016)

I'm a lucky woman, my husband knows what I like! For Valentines Day he gave me flowers and an art book, "Expressive Paintings" I was inspired right away. I used a combination of heavy acrylics, acrylic inks and a few stokes of oil pastels.

Blown in The Wind 16" x 20"

(posted on 13 Feb 2016)

I love every day, but some are just better than others! I'd put today in the "better" category. My pal and fellow artist, Marianne Meyer instigated the day's events. First stop was a fundraising event sponsored by Bodies On Power, called "Have a Heart - Sole to Soul". This was a music filled, heart pumping work out with door prizes and lots of tasty treats. To top it off, all the money raised goes to the Penticton General Hospital Tower. Next stop, an open house at the offices of our Member of Parliament, Richard Canning. Now you might be wondering about my definition of fun, open houses really aren't up there! However, do remember that this is an artist's website, art always figures in somewhere. Marianne along with three other local artists had been asked to lend their art to enhance the offices. While we were admiring the work, Prema Harris, the person who organized the art arrived with Jill Leir Salter. Jill is one of my favourite water colour artists, her sweeping Okanagan vistas are legendary. Meeting Jill certainly made my day!

Sometimes it's not what you do, but who you do it with! Thanks Marianne.

One of Marianne's paintings,

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